Clover wanted to get kids to drink milk more often and recognised that a sweetened/ flavoured variation will always be preferred, but may not be the healthiest choice. Clover’s solution was to launch a take-home Fresh Flavoured Milk brand in the top two flavours (chocolate and strawberry) and target families and everyday drinking.

This would also grow the Flavoured Milk market and drive category growth.

But Clover also wanted this new brand to bring the Clover Brand World to life.

In other words, the brand personality / look & feel had to be an extension of the established Brand World and communicate a fun, tasty, nutritious alternative to other beverages.


Clover created its Brand World / Milky Way to tell a story and communicate the values of its brand.

This world is inhabited by characters that make the brand’s dairy products. The character responsible for milk is called Clover Dover, and she is also responsible for checking each product and sealing it with a kiss before it goes off into the Milky Way, and then to Earth where we consume it.

Clover Brand World

Our solution to Clover’s need to bring the Brand World to life was to create two characters (the boy and girl children of Clover Dover) that would be responsible for creating the flavoured milk in the Milky Way.


The product was to end up in the fresh milk aisle and while it would compete with other strawberry and chocolate milk products (and therefore with the prevailing pink and brown colour stereotypes), we determined that it would be counter-productive to use unusual colours.

Pink and brown are effective mental shortcuts for strawberry and chocolate – we needed to keep these colours and stand out from the crowd in other ways.


We started by imagining what a ‘baby’ Clover Dover might be named, and came up with Dipple and Dapple.

Dapple is “a patch or spot of colour or light” used to describe “an animal’s coat”.
Dipple, on the other hand, is completely made up.
Both ‘meanings’, however, are unimportant. What’s special about the names is their alliteration and playfulness.

We imagined Dapple Dover to be the boy – representing the chocolate flavour – and Dipple Dover to be the girl – representing the strawberry flavour.

Our purpose throughout was a brand that targeted kids in the strongest possible way.

Character Scamps


We made use of the established brand world font with a splash of milk and added bounciness.

Logo Development.


Animation Process.

Dipple (We added subtle Clover logos into clothing items / accessories to embed the brand.)

Dapple (We added subtle Clover logos into clothing items / accessories to embed the brand.)


Dipple. Strawberry Flavoured Dairy Snack.

Dapple. Chocolate  Flavoured Dairy Snack.

The carton was designed to include its character on the side, along with some variations on clothing and accessories. These can be cut out and played with as paper dolls. This created added value for the pack, stimulating brand recognition and keeping Dipple Dapple top of mind.


Trade Presenter Pop-up Book

The trade presenter was designed as a pop-up book – introducing the product by means of telling a story. This added to the magic of the brand world. The Trade Presenter also included games and the pop-out paper doll characters at the back.


Vending Machine / Brand World Portal

A Vending Machine that allows consumers to look into the brand world and see Dipple and Dapple at play. Better yet, when you press the button, they actually see you, come over and pour you a cup of real milk!

The impact of the concept relies on a suspension of disbelief as much as the joy of animated character pouring you some real flavoured milk!

The unit is composed of two main parts, run by a CPU.

The first part (the Vending Machine proper) holds two, 50-litre tanks – one filled with Chocolate Milk and the other with Strawberry. Buttons activate the machine and it automatically dispenses a 100 ml cup and, thereafter, a 50 ml serving of flavoured milk – a total of 2000 servings.

The second part is a high-definition screen mounted in the unit. The animated content on the screen is run off the CPU and activated when the buttons are pressed. (The TV’s speakers produce the Audio)

Gondola Ends

An engaging and richly decorated gondola end that replaces the vending machines as they get rotated into new locations as well as for in-store presence in stores that do not have a vending machine.

Gondola ends include colouring-in sheets for consumers to take with them.

Cross-promotional POS


To the best of our knowledge, the Flavoured Milk project has been put on hold because of unforeseen issues in the production.

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